Eastside Series: Kellerbier

Eastside Series- Kellerbier

Born on the banks of the pre-concrete Los Angeles River, The Los Angeles Brewing Company’s Eastside Beer was brewed for citizens of a thirsty and expanding city. The Angel City Eastside series is a revival of that classic brand. A nod to old world tradition.

To help us tell the story of LA’s brewing history, we tapped our neighbors over at Cartwheel Art. Based in the DTLA Arts District, Cartwheel Art has been creating immersive experiences, community-driven and diverse programming such as custom private group tours, guided public tours, art activated events, and curated exhibitions, since 2012. This year, Cartwheel Art has stayed connected with the local community through virtual events focused on Los Angeles art and history.

Eastside Kellerbier is a traditional German cellar beer, fermented at cool temperatures and served unfiltered. This pale, veiled beer is not lagered, giving it a rustic quality that’s slightly toasty and herbaceous, with faint malt flavors, hints of green apple, all balanced by a subtle hop bitterness. With it, we celebrate LA’s rich heritage of brewing.

Video by: Joey Breese

Music by: Vignes Rooftop Revival