Bring a Belligerent Bloke Home With You…in 22oz bottles!

You are what you drink, you say? Well if that’s the case then there’s trouble to be had in Los Angeles!

Now available for a limited time in 22oz bottles is our barrel-aged barleywine, Belligerent Bloke. It’s rich and mahogany-hued beer with a luscious finish. Caramel and fig notes balance against a delicate aroma of ginger and allspice. It’s big, complex and mysterious, and coming in at 9% ABV, this badass beer isn’t messing around.

Swing by the Public House and allow us to introduce you to our favorite regular on nitro – although he’s one belligerent bloke who’s not going to be thrown out anytime soon. Looking to take the revelry home with you? You can find 22oz bottles at the brewery, as well as in stores throughout SoCal!

Oh, and straight from the brewmaster himself…the next best things to pair with this Belligerent Bloke (after a second bottle, that is) are an Irish beef stew, Curado (6 month aged) Manchego cheese, Yorkshire or Devon bleu cheese, or grilled artichokes. Is your mouth watering yet?

Drink up, blokes!


Malt – Marris Otter, Caramel Malt, Chocolate Malt

Hops – Hallertauer

ABV: 9.0%

IBU: 20