Two New Cans for the Holidays

The holidays are here and we have a special treat for the beer lovers amongst your friends and family!

On Saturday, December 16th, at 12:00 pm, we’ll be releasing two new cans at Angel City Brewery. Each will retail for $12 per 4-pack with no case limit on either. Get them while they last!

The first beer hitting the canning line is Baltic Porter. It’s a roasted, malty and smooth porter and an old favorite leaving the Public House for the first time. Full of flavor, but with a clean finish, this beer is sure to pair well with your holiday meals, specifically roasted meats and chocolatey deserts. Traditional porters are brewed with Ale yeast, however, Baltic Porter, which was originally brewed in Eastern Europe (specifically countries like Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, and Estonia), uses Lager yeast.  The lager yeast leads to a cleaner finish and a slight emphasis on the sweetness from the malt, with less emphasis on fruit character than your standard porter.

The other beer we’ll be releasing is a sour pale ale and batch #2 in our Sunbather single hop series. Last go round, we single hopped Sunbather with Citra hops and for batch number 2, we decided to turn our attention to Amarillo hops. This tart, bright and refreshing beer is a perfect thirst-quencher for these unseasonably warm December days we’ve had so far in 2017.  Sunbather is a creation of our brewer Tyler Thurman, drawing inspiration from an experiment he did of a kettle-soured, dry hopped beer.

In trial batches of the beer, the team was pleasantly surprised at how the bright and acidic tartness of the beer interplayed with the aromatics from the dry hop. Sunbather was born out of this experiment and has been a crowd favorite since. The Amarillo hops are a little less citrusy than the Citra hops, bringing out the underlying sourness of the beer a tad bit more.

If you pick up a 4-pack on release day (Saturday, December 16th), we will be donating $1 from each pack sold to the Downtown Women’s Center and their mission to end homelessness in downtown Los Angeles.

Come out and get these fantastic beers before they’re gone for good!