The Walls of a 6-Pack

Much like the walls in our neighborhood, our label art is always evolving. If you’ve picked up a 6-pack recently you may have noticed some new art adorning our mainstays. Not familiar? Get familiar!

Angel City IPA

It’s only fitting that the OG rocks the famous eyes on our Public House in DTLA. What’s the story of the eyes, you ask? They’re a part of infamous street artist, JR’s The Wrinkles of The City project and were brought to life in 2011. Of the six cities currently featuring this project, LA was the third and we’re proud to have this iconic work on our building and beer!


Angel City Pilsner

Also getting an upgrade recently is Angel City Pilsner, which features a mural by Christina Angelina and Fanakapan, photographed by Jay Kantor. Angelina and Fanakapan crafted the piece to instill a feeling of momentary, wholehearted, unconditional connection, like the one portrayed between the two in the mural.

The piece, located downtown on 4th Street, was executed on a corrugated metal surface that the artists then sanded and scraped into. The result is a luminous living piece that reflects light in different ways. Fanakapan is based in London, while Angelina calls Venice home.

THE ART… Photo by
THE BEER… Photo by

Citrus Wheat

Citrus Wheat, released in February 2017, showcases a mural by Fluke, Vyal Reyes, and Zek, which paid homage to the glamorous side of LA living. The iconic mural was painted and designed as an ode to LA before the artists returned home to Canada, and was located in Downtown LA’s The Container Yard in late 2015.

THE ART… Photo by
THE BEER… Photo by