What the Bock is a SMaSH?

Angel City’s newest release is a style you may not be familiar with – in fact, it’s not really a style at all. Get ready for our SMaSH, otherwise known as a Single Malt and Single Hop beer.

Why are we so excited about a beer with so little? Because when you strip away everything that gets in the way, limiting yourself to a few ingredients really makes those that make the cut shine. It’s a great way for brewers and drinkers alike to really get a sense of what makes those raw materials special.

So what did we put in our SMaSH? Well we did this one in the Bock style, one of the many great lagers that originates in Germany – so German ingredients are really the only way to go. Munich Malt (which, it will not surprise you, comes from Munich), has a rich, malty, chewy presence that gives the beer a surprisingly big body for one that has no specialty malts in it. Tettnang, on the other hand, is a spicy and bright hop, that brings an herbal twist to the beer. It’s considered one of the “Noble” European hop varieties that many modern hops are descended from.

What you’re left with is a big bold beer that will play equally nice with a meaty pork chop and a light pasta dish. Which is great, because we’re putting this bad boy on draft throughout LA. Make sure you get your hands on some before it disappears!