The Story of the Beast

It was a cold, dark, rainy night in L.A…no, that’s not right…it was ahot, dry, sunny day in L.A.

The brewers (pictured right) were gathered around a table in the back to scheme up the next great beer to hit the taps at the Public House.


The possibilities were endless…

They ultimately decided on a Black(ish) IPA and began hashing out the details. A target ABV of 6.5% was mentioned…6.7% was thrown out there…and then 6.66% jokingly…then 6.66% more seriously…and then they realized the beer would be ready around Halloween and that was that. They knew they had to go for the 6.66%. They also (obviously) had to name it Number of the Yeast in homage to Iron Maiden’s 1982 hit, “Number of the Beast”. There’s just no way you can ignore a pun like that.

So they cranked up Iron Maiden while brewing and some blackened death metal music while dry hopping and Number of the Yeast was born!

This Blackened IPA is brewed with Black Pearl Malt and fermented at 66.6ºF to hit 6.66% ABV and 66.6 IBU. It’s a hauntingly dark ale with big, sharp dark chocolate flavors and a devilishly bitter bite that is best enjoyed while dressed as a superhero, Donald Drumpf, Katniss, Luke Skywalker or whatever other costume you decide to rock at our Halloween Party on Saturday!

Number of the Yeast will be on tap at the Public House during the party along with live music in the Beer Hall, food from Slanging CoreaBrewwings and Pudding Truck, silent horror films, a beer bazaar and of course, a costume contest with cash prizes for best dressed (individual and team!).

Free entry, 21+.

Editor’s Note: The picture above is not actually of our brewers. That would be Iron Maiden circa 1982!