Talkin’ Tacos With the Team

Throughout the summer, we’ve been asking you: which taco deserves being name the best in LA? When we took our annual staff baseball outing this week, we thought it was the perfect time to ask of our crew – what’s your favorite kind of taco?

Renee Rubin, Operations Manager: “Fish tacos, because they’re the most refreshing taco, and they’re from California, obviously!” *
Brandon Marin, Barback: “Carne Asada…it’s just a staple in the Mexican cuisine, and it’s straightforward, simple, and delicious. Smoky, juicy and fresh… that’s the way to go!”
Mark Jacobs, Promo Rep: “Tripas – when you eat tripa, you have the option to get it soft or crispy. With the right contrast between the crispy tripa and the soft tortilla, it’s perfect.”
Kadriya Truvillion, Lead Bartender: “Pork Belly – it’s greasy, it gets all over your face, it’s bad for me, but it’s delicious – I want to have 6 of them.” †
Lupe Saldana, Retail Specialist and brand new mom: “Tripas, because it’s hard to find and when you get really good tripas it’s PERFECT. Plus, I’m Mexican.”
Cooper Lang, Brewing Intern: “For sure Chorizo. All that spice – when you can have a taco with nothing else on it, it’s perfect.”
Reina Esparza: “Al Pastor with the pineapple, that little flip of the fruit gives it just a little sumpin-sumpin.”
Shane Lopes, Bartender: “Breakfast tacos with potato, eggs, sausage, and most importantly, Green Chile – because I gotta represent New Mexico.” ‡
Barret Baumgart, Bartender: “Egg and Arugula, because I can make it at home. And I keep a lot of eggs on hand.” §
Whitney Nielson, Bartender: “Baja Fish Tacos – they’re light, bright, and they punch you in the face with flavor!” ¶
Layton Cutler, Head Brewer: “Anything authentic. No Tex-Mex!”
Tyler Thurman, Brewer: “CHOCO TACO. BECAUSE IT’S GOOD!” #

If you think there’s a more deserving taco out there, prove our staff wrong and enter the Taco Challenge for a chance to win a $50 gift card to the brewery. We promise, we won’t ask you to share.

* She said this while wearing a Nationals hat. We made sure to point out the irony.

† As soon as we asked Kadriya this question, she got that look on her face, and it stayed there until at least the fourth inning.

‡ Shane is from New Mexico. He wants you to know that.

§ Don’t ask Barret about his eggs.

¶ Whitney hasn’t stopped smiling since the 3rd grade.

# This is the correct answer.