Some of the Worst Cases of Accidentally Replying All

With the release of our new can Do Not Reply All, our hazy, double-dry-hopped double IPA (conveniently shortened to HDDHDIPA), we got ourselves wondering – what’s the worst that could happen from a misplaced tap of the “Reply All” button? We had heard of the president of Spirit Airlines accidentally telling the whole company how much he despised their customers. And the story about how an exec at Microsoft replied to the CEO speculating on why he was retiring. And then there was the case of the UC San Diego Admissions department sending out Congratulations emails to everyone that applied (Go Tritons!).

So we wanted to know – what are the worst cases our fans have suffered of hitting that wretched button at the wrong moment? We put up a contest – and although we got many great responses, there were two that stood out a little from the rest.

“I was working on my computer and had a few Reply All emails opened,” Sandra B told us, “My coworker sent me a funny email and I typed up, ‘That’s messed up but that’s so fucking funny!’ I must have typed it in the wrong email and sent it to a bunch of my co-workers, and worst of all, the founder, her son, and my 2 managers. And it was definitely NOT an email I was supposed to Reply All to. My friends took me to eat after work and I was crying over my chocoflan. It left me scarred over 10 years later.”

We sympathized with that story, and even more so with the desire to drown your tears in chocoflan. But the best of the best was sent in by fan Cindy M., who wrote “My director sent all of the department an email about the holiday party. I accidentally hit reply all saying, ‘Should we go to this? Because all their parties suck…’ I meant to send it to one coworker, and now my director gives me dirty looks in he hallways. And reviews are coming up!”

We liked that story so much we sent her a Do Not Reply All gift pack. And then we sent one to her director as well, because…well, reviews are coming up – and a little love from a brewery couldn’t hurt, right?

Sadly, our Do Not Reply All cans have already fled the Public House, but you can still find it here in a pint glass at the bar, or if you’re lucky, at The Grog Shop in Whittier, Happy’s Liquor, or the Liquor Mart. Have you seen Do Not Reply All somewhere else? Tell us about it!