Serving Suds with Citizen Science

You probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that most brewers get into beer after falling in love with science. When it comes down to it, making beer requires knowledge of chemistry, biology, and physics – and let’s face it, it’s a whole lot more fun to study suds than geology. So when our friends at the Natural History Museum came to us about teaming up, we just couldn’t resist.

Catching bugs on our roof in 2016!

We’ve worked with the folks at the NHM before. You may recall how last year they came and put a malaise trap on our roof to study insects. You may also recall how they discovered ladybug STDs from said malaise trap. This time, however, we’re taking it a step further. For three nights this spring, the NHM will be bringing their popular Citizen Science program to the brewery for discussions on how you – yes, you! – can get involved in making the world a better place through science.

These chats with some of California’s leading thinkers on ecology, conservation, environmental justice and more will focus on solutions to some of today’s biggest problems. But the conversation doesn’t have to stop at the end of the night – we’re gearing this program towards teaching you how to take action and help make this world better.

What could make it better? Oh yeah, beer!

In the spirit of utilizing the wisdom of the masses, we’re going to be creating LA’s first crowd-sourced beer based on your suggestions. Come to our first event on February 9th and try out ingredients from the Natural History Museum’s Nature Garden and from around LA – then tell us which ones you think should end up in our beer! Come back on March 9th to help name the beer with us, and then come back one final time on April 13th to taste the fruits of our labor.

Tickets for this event are free, but advanced registration is required here.

Below are the descriptions of each of the events. We hope to see you there!


6:00 pm suds hour (cash bar + food trucks onsite)

6:30 pm panel discussion begins

8:30 pm event concludes

February 9, 2017 

Can Citizen Science Help Us Build a Better Los Angeles?
Taking a closer look at projects that impact conservation, urban planning, and homelessness in Los Angeles.

Jonathan Hans – Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority
Hyeran Lee – Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition
Miguel Ordeñana – NHMLA Citizen Science Office

March 9, 2017

Changing California One Citizen Science Project at a Time 
Focusing on efforts that connect crowdsourced data to marine conservation and social/environmental justice across the state.

Marcus Benigno – American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California
Fraser Shilling – Road Ecology Center
Alison Young – California Academy of Sciences

April 13, 2017

Can Citizen Science Save the World?  
Looking at projects with a global reach and impact—from civic science and online crowdsourcing to international citizen science fly research.

Brian Brown – NHMLA Urban Nature Research Center
Brooke Simmons – Planetary Response Network and the Zooniverse
Claudia Martinez Mansell – Greening Bourj Al Shamali & Public Lab

See you there!