Ok, Now We’re Blushing…

Just ten days ago we were celebrating our brewers and their recent accolades from the LA International Beer Competition and now we’re celebrating them AGAIN! Huge congrats to our brewers and everyone who participated. Three out of the five beers are currently on tap at the Public House and one is in 22oz bottles, so be sure to come by, enjoy a pint and high five a brewer!

A message from from our Head Brewer, Layton:

It looks like it’s a good year to be making beer at Angel City! They just announced the winners for the San Diego International Beer Competition, and we took home medals for 5 beers and the Champion Brewery Award. It’s a huge surprise but we’re stoked! I want to further congratulate my brew team for the hard work and dedication that goes into brewing both these classic styles and some unique beers.

Cream Ale and Little Tokyo “Super Dry” took home Silvers so their streak continues. Rye.9 Problems Imperial Black Lager in Rye barrels took home Silver which shows we are perfecting our barrel aged strong beers. An old classic of ours The Berliner took home silver also. And finally, our Funky Seoul Medina – Korean Melon sour, which we all loved here when it finally came out of the barrels, took home gold.