New Adventures, Fresh New Look

Have you heard the news?! We’re bringing Angel City Pilsner and Angel City IPA statewide. Yep – the Bay Area and back down. But don’t think we’d roll out statewide without getting a bit of work done. New adventures call for a fresh new look and we wanted IPA and Pilsner to reflect the creativity, culture and craft of where it all began, our home in the Downtown LA Arts District.


You might recognize a set of familiar eyes on the new IPA bottles (hint: they’re on our brewery). Did you know where this iconic piece of our neighborhood came from? They’re actually part of the worldwide “Wrinkles of the City” project by infamous street artist, JR. Also known as the “French Banksy,” JR flyposts large black and white photographic images in public places. As stated in the Guardian, “He has a knack for making the invisible — people, usually, the poor, the marginalized, the forgotten — visible.” True to our gritty Arts District roots, rich in culture and full of diversity, it was a no-brainer to choose this iconic piece of art to showcase our most iconic beer.

Keep your eyes out for our new look wherever you are in California. For a list of locations, check out our beer finder.