Here’s the Juicy Deets – a Q&A with Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Brewery & Layton Cutler of Angel City

Cheersing with a couple of pints of "Juicy Deets" a collaboraiton between Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Angel City Brewery

Today we’re sitting down with Sam Calagione, Founder & President of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, and our very own Layton Cutler, Head Brewer here at Angel City, to discuss our upcoming collab: Juicy Deets.

Q: First thing’s first, let’s discuss the beer – what excites you about this particular brew? What’s so juicy about these deets? 

Layton: “I’m excited to take Sam’s idea of a flavor combo, Orange Blossom honey and Filipino Vinegar, then add even more Filipino inspiration from our local LA community by adding Calamansi (Kalamansi) or Filipino lime juice to this brew so it’s a perfect LA original. As for the juiciness in Juicy Deets it’s all about the Calamansi lime and vinegar that works so nicely to make this Saison tart and bright in flavor.”

Sam: “I’m most excited about combining a bunch of culinary ingredients into a beer style that I believe has not been combined before in a commercial beer release.  That opportunity and to do it well with talented brewers like Layton is what has motivated me the most in my 27 years brewing at Dogfish Head.”

Q: What meal would you pair this beer to? When is the best time to sip on a pint of Juicy Deets? 

Sam: “Considering the diverse ingredients in the recipe for Juicy Deets it’s kind of like a kegger crashed a juice bar in and of-itself. But if I had to pair it with a dish I have to say I am most exited to try it alongside Lumpia, a traditional Filipino fried spring roll, which we’ll coincidentally be whipping up to serve for the release event!

Layton: “The tart, citrus and sweet character of the beer can hold up to something salty, spicy and even a little bit tart, which means I can’t wait to try these spring rolls we will have for the event.

Q: Delaware is pretty far from LA, so how did this collab first come about? What makes Dogfish Head & Angel City such a great duo? 

Layton: “It was a pleasure and a first for Angel City to get to collab with Sam and Dogfish Head. An innocuous email from Sam about some Filipino vinegar he wanted to use in a beer started it all off, from there the idea of a collaboration got distilled down to bringing in some LA influence of Calamansi and CA grown orange blossom honey. I think Dogfish Head is the master of using new ingredients in beer making and Angel City definitely likes to try our hand at new and interesting ways to flavor our beer so the collab was there for the making.

Sam: “I’ve gotten to try and enjoy a bunch of Layton and the Angel City brewing teams beers over the years and respect the passion and precision with which they incorporate culinary ingredients into a number of their different brews. A stand out for me is the avocado beer. As unexpected and refreshing as it is freaking delicious, who woulda thunk?

Q: It was mentioned that we’ll be releasing this collab as part of our “DrinkLAB taste-testing portal”, could one of you elaborate on what DrinkLAB is for our fans? 

Sam: “Yup. DrinkLAB is a platform that our company conceived and constructed ourselves that invites beer lovers into our R and D process. There is no better time to get or give sensory impressions on a new beer than the moment when the beer is first being shared and enjoyed. That’s what DrinkLAB is all about and we will be having fun with it during our Juicy Deets launch event.

A pint pint of Juicy Deets served alongside Lumpia.

Q: Here’s one for Sam.. What are you most stoked to do on your visit to LA? Outside of hanging out at Angel City, of course 😉  

Sam: “I’m hoping to paddleboard along the coast of pacific within 48 hours of paddleboarding my home waters of coastal Delaware along the Atlantic coast. Also, There’s a little used book and vinyl store a short walk from my hotel in Santa Monica that I’ve read good things about and it says they currently have some old and obscure Frank Zappa and Miles Davis albums in stock. Crate-digging with a slight beer buzz is an ideal state of being.

Join us this Thursday, February 16, for the release of Juicy Deets, to meet Sam Calagione & Layton Cutler in person, and to get your chance at some free Dogfish Head and Angel City swag.