Celebrating the End of the “Not So Great Experiment”

We here at Angel City Brewery are especially grateful for the failure of the “Great Experiment”, otherwise known as Prohibition, otherwise known as the worst idea ever.
Prohibition was officially repealed on December 5, 1933 some 82 years ago, and we will be celebrating its repeal this Saturday at the Public House!

Beginning at 8:00 PM the mezzanine will be transformed into a Prohibition-style speakeasy (see below) and the team will be serving up specialty flights of barrel aged and cellared beers. Guests will receive a complimentary toast upon entry to the speakeasy IF and only if they know the secret password to enter. We revealed it here.

Prohibition by the Numbers

.5 – The maximum ABV allowed under the Volstead Act (anything over was banned)
11 – The billions of dollars lost in federal tax revenue during Prohibition
13 – The number of years Prohibition lasted
18 – The amendment that banned the sale of alcohol
20 – The year that the 18th Amendment was passed
33 – The year Prohibition ended!

5 Common Names for Illegal Drinking Establishments During Prohibition

  1. Blind Pig
  2. Jimmy
  3. Juice Joint
  4. Speakeasy
  5. Doggery

* Prohibition-era garb is highly encouraged! Check out photos from last year for some inspiration.