Brewing with 2nd Craft Cold Brew

R&D with 2nd Craft / Pic: @2ndcraft

In honor of our 2018 St. Patrick’s Day celebration, we’ll be launching our new Irish Coffee Stout on draft! It’s a 10% ABV coffee stout brewed with lactose and it will be pouring all day long.

The idea came to fruition a few months back when the team was trying to come up with something delicious for St. Patrick’s Day. Initially the thought was to go with a dry, coffee-based Irish stout. What seemed like a good idea  eventually morphed into an even better one. Instead the team decided to do a play on the traditional Irish Coffee cocktail – hot coffee, Irish Whiskey and fresh cream.

For this brand new beer, we collaborated with our friends at 2nd Craft Cold Brewing Co., a roastery based in Long Beach, CA, that specializes in roasted coffee beans inspired by craft beer. 2nd Craft does an array of barrel-aged coffee beans. It’s a novel concept and one that has plenty of room to inspire our brewers in the creativity department.

For the Irish Coffee Stout, 2nd Craft worked with Layton and crew to roast beans that were aged in an Irish Whiskey-treated cask. The conditioning within the cask allowed for the dosing of whiskey to be stepped up at a higher concentration than a full sized barrel, imparting a fantastic blend of earthy and peaty aromatic notes onto the beans.

The beans selected for this beer are a light/medium roast blend of Colombia Supremo Huila, and Brazil Cerrado. The Colombian in this roast profile is a beautiful rich coffee that brings in notes of sweet caramel which perfectly complements the Irish whiskey as well as the malts used in this particular style of beer. The addition of the Brazil beans adds a bit of a creamy mouthfeel and even more body to help balance things out.

Come by the Public House on St. Patrick’s Day and try this delightful beer. It won’t last long!

And check out 2nd Craft on Facebook and Insta to see what they’re up to!