Since 2016, Angel City Brewery has partnered with Art Share L.A. to create over 50 gallery shows, 15 large-scale murals, 10 smaller engagement projects, and more than 8 can art commissions. And, to this day, Angel City Brewery continues to work with Art Share because we advocate for artists to make a living wage – and we’re big fans of paying artists for their work.


As you may know, we hold multiple festivals each year – whether it be for a holiday, a special can release, or just because we can! Whatever the affair might be, at many of our festivals you can expect to see Art Share L.A. out there curating a mural wall that fits our theme and supports our fun! 


On the first Thursday of each month, Art Share L.A. engages an emerging curator or artist to bring together a selection of artists for a themed gallery exhibition at Angel City Brewery. With over 50 exhibitions to date, themes have spanned topics ranging from L.A. street photography to Los Angeles Chicano car culture, from LGTBQ+ pride to water conservation. If these walls could talk, they would thank the hundreds of artists who have participated in this program. 

Currently on view is the March 2023 Exhibition: Just a Girl, curated by Jasmine Garcia (@florecita_jazz)

Art Share Can Release Series

The Art Share L.A. x Angel City Brewery Artist Can Series supports emerging artists by releasing a can that features their artwork. These limited-release beers are an amazing way to showcase artwork that reflects the craft quality of the product inside the can. Each artist receives a 6-pack of beer, plus a fee to license their artwork. Art Share L.A. periodically conducts Calls for Artists to find the perfect person for the can. 

Check out our Beer Page for more Art Share can releases!