9 Off-the-Wall Places for Tacos and a Beer to Celebrate #TacoBrewsday

There are few unequivocally good things in the world. The sunset over the ocean. The unassisted triple play. Free ice cream.

But one item reigns supreme over all of these, and that is the humble, versatile, taco. In LA we take particular pride in our tacos, and why shouldn’t we? With our trucks, our carts and our little strip mall restaurants, Los Angeles has elevated tacos to an art form. So as we here at Angel City celebrate #TacoBrewsday all month long (because why relegate life’s joys to Tuesday?), here are nine of our favorite tacos in LA that you can enjoy with an Angel City beer.

Busby’s East

5364 Wilshire Blvd, Miracle Mile

This bar bills itself as a sports bar, but it’s not your typical dive. Because this sports bar also hosts the Moth Storyslam once a month – catch it on Taco Tuesday for some $2 short rib tacos, and get a pint of Angel City IPA as you summon your courage to put your name in the bucket.

Bunker Hill Bar and Grill

601 W 5th St, DTLA

Like the sound of short rib tacos, but want them a bit more bougie? Bunker Hill has a plate of three of these decadent tacos slathered in red sauce for a highrise experience as you ogle at the skyscrapers. Or try their fish tacos, or their shrimp tacos! Enjoy a trio, then take a walk through the Central Library gardens as you head to…

Rock & Reilly’s

811 Wilshire Blvd, DTLA

Clearly, this bar knows something about Happy Hour that we all are yet to learn – because theirs goes from 3pm – 7:16pm. The extra 16 minutes, they say, is because it’s just enough time to finish the 16 ounces in a pint. While you do so, make sure to grab yourself some steak, chicken and fish tacos to go with it.

The Lab

3500 Figueroa St, USC

Of course, we have to include some fusion tacos on this list. The Lab gives theirs a Mediterranean twist with their shawarma tacos. Marinated chicken gets topped with tahini, hummus, chickpea fries and pickled veggies to satisfy your cravings before a Rams game.

Dodgers Stadium

1000 Elysian Park Ave, Echo Park

It’s not just Dodger Dogs – this spot is the place to get tacos in Dodgers Stadium – hit them up at Loge 109 first, and then head over to Loge 164 for the Craft Beer booth to grab a pint of Angel City.

Pig N Whistle

6714 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood

Make no mistake – this is an English pub. In Los Angeles. And yet, they make their name serving tacos filled with Cajun-style chicken. So clearly they must be pretty damn good. Because as they say, if you can make it in Hollywood, you can make it anywhere.

The Rainbow Bar and Grill

9015 Sunset Blvd, Sunset Strip

Yes, you can get tacos at this Hollywood haunt where Joe DiMaggio met Marilyn Monroe, John Belushi ate his last meal and Lemmy from Motörhead sat for decades at a time. Except like everything else along the Strip, The Rainbow’s tacos are larger than life – really more like an open face burrito at this point, but we’re not one to quibble.

The Albright

258 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica

This relaxed beach mainstay has been in the same family since 1977, originally as SM Pier Seafood. They’ve updated the menu with a commitment to sustainable sourcing, which is how they ended up with Black Tiger Shrimp tacos and beer-battered fish tacos. Grab a couple and watch the sunset, then finish your tour with a walk up the PCH and a trip to.

Back on the Beach

445 Pacific Coast Highway, Santa Monica

Truly the best fish tacos are the ones that you can eat with your toes in the sand, and at Back on the Beach, you can be served right within misting-distance of the ocean. Try their fried calamari tacos, which are adorned with red cabbage and a pineapple habanero salsa.

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