The 6 Most ‘Merican Beers for ‘Merica’s Birthday

This Independence Day weekend, America will celebrate a time-honored tradition of blowing things up, overcooking meat, and not putting on enough sunscreen. Here at Angel City, we’re doing our part with the annual ‘Merica Fest – a time when you can live up to your most ‘Merica self without fear of ridicule. What does it mean to be a ‘Merican? It’s about being loud and proud, and we think these 6 beer styles represent the true spirit of the United States of ‘Merica. And yeah, some of them aren’t even from this country. But just because we didn’t make it, doesn’t mean it’s not ours, right?

6. California Common

Let’s face it – America has few truly native styles. Most of them are just riffs off of European classics. But the California Common is Manifest Destiny in a glass – made by San Franciscan prospectors and pioneers, who lacked the technology to cool down their beer with refrigeration, this beer traditionally utilized the famous Golden Gate fog to get it down to the right temperature. That’s some ‘Merican innovation right there. Plus, the popular name for this style is protected from use through an even more age-old ‘Merican tradition – the trademark!

5. Rauchbier

Sure, it’s German. And sure, it’s pretty obscure. But Rauchbier is filled with intense smoky malts, and as a result it can taste anywhere from a campfire, to a barbeque, to a burning tire heap –  ‘Merica’s favorite sources of heat!


4. Vienna Lager

This beer may sound Austrian, but it’s not even brewed in its hometown anymore. With the wave of European Immigration to Mexico in the 19th century, this beer itself became an immigrant, and is now mostly brewed in North America.

3. Imperial Stout

First you had porter. Then you had porter stout – which eventually became just stout. Then once they started exporting, you had Extra Stout, Foreign Export Stout, Tropical Stout and finally Imperial Stout. Big, loud, and aggressive. And what’s more American than Empire?

2. Wheatwine

We were almost tempted to suggest American Barleywine here for the same reasons as Imperial Stout, but Wheatwine seems more appropriate. After all, why not take the most aggressive style out there and add Wonderbread to it? Plus, basically half of the country is covered in wheat, so this beer is really just doing its part to help the ‘Merican economy.

1. Double IPA

This might be the ultimate ‘Merican beer. Like the Imperial Stout, it’s the biggest, baddest version of its class, a result of migration from England, to India, to the East Coast, and finally the West. But more importantly, it’s as bold as a stick of M-80, and as bright as a field of citrus.

You’re in luck, too – we just bottled our newest batch of Double IPA in time for the fireworks, using Galaxy and Mosaic hops for big floral and papaya hop flavors. So make sure to join us on July 2nd and 3rd for ‘Merica Fest – break out your stars-and-stripes tank top, go for that 5th hot dog, and when you’re done, make sure you grab a bottle of this bad boy in preparation for the national party the next day.