New Gallery Opening

Angel City Brewery & Public House
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Artist live-painting in the Angel City Brewery Art Gallery, in partnership with Art Share L.A.

Join us for our newest gallery opening in partnership with artist Corie Mattie

Curator: Corie Mattie

Time of Event: 6-9pm

DJ: Jayne Gray

Vendor: Rebel Soul

Gallery Name: The Centerfold: A Women’s History Month Exhibition

Description of Gallery: A provocative art show that masterfully intertwines vintage aesthetics with modern sensibilities to explore the evolving landscape of gender equality. This exhibition invites viewers on a journey through time, juxtaposing the charm of yesteryear’s marketing and design with the stark realities of persistent gender disparities. Through a curated selection of artworks that blend past and present, this show aims to shed light on how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go in the quest for gender equality. The show promises to be a thought-provoking blend of nostalgia and activism, using the lens of history to reflect on today’s challenges and tomorrow’s possibilities. Join us in a compelling exploration that celebrates progress while critically examining the hurdles that remain, inspiring a dialogue about the future of equalityCenterfold

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