Hazy Double IPA






limited Draft / Growlers & Crowlers

Our cloudy unfiltered New England-style Double IPA is a thirst quencher. The slight bitterness comes from late-hop additions and the huge amounts of Bru-1 and Azacca dry-hopping brings out a wonderful orange blossom, tropical fruit and peach aroma. The flavor has some orange and fruit notes with a bright, juicy mouthfeel. It’s a real crowd pleaser

CAN RELEASE: October 2017

As beer makers, we worry a lot about when to brew. We worry about temperature. We worry about timing. We worry about whether the lunch we put in the staff fridge has been stolen for a third day in a row (I’m looking at you, Bradford…) But one of the details we worry about that doesn’t get much buzz is a little known quality called flocculation. What is flocculation? Well, since 65% of you are visual learners, let’s whip out the drawings. Keep Reading on the Blog