We will be reopening for indoor, on-site consumption in our spacious Public House on Thursday, April 8, 2021 between 4pm-10pm. We will continue to offer service in our outdoor Beer Garden as well!

Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday – Closed 

Thursday / Friday – 4pm – 10pm  

Saturday / Sunday – 1pm-7pm 

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Please carefully review our new operations & guidelines:

First-Come, First-Serve

All seating at the brewery is first-come, first-serve and is limited to 90-minutes, per Public Health guidelines. Check-in is at the front gate with our Greeter team. Guests will be asked to maintain social distancing while waiting in line along the Traction St. side of the building. We are on a limited capacity and as a result are experiencing longer wait times. We cannot guarantee that we will seat everyone in line but always try our best and appreciate your patience! We encourage you to check-in with the guard at the gate on the likelihood of seating. We thank you for your kindness and understanding as we transition into this next phase.  

The max party size for indoor and outdoor seating is 6 – no exceptions. All guests seated at an indoor table must be members of the same household. All guests seated at an outdoor table may be from no more than 3 different households. All members of a party for indoor and outdoor seating must be present in order to be seated. Guests will not be allowed to add party members after they have been checked in at the gate or seated.  

No Mask, No Entry

We kindly ask that you arrive wearing a mask over your nose & mouth and that you keep it on unless eating or drinking. Per Public Health guidance, customers who refuse to wear a face mask may be refused service and asked to leave. If you need to get up from your table to use the restroom, do not forget your mask and please wash your hands! We appreciate you helping us maintain a safe and hospitable environment for you and all our other guests 😊 

Symptom Checks

We are required to conduct symptom checks at the gate before allowing entry to our facility. Our Greeter will conduct temperature checks and will ask members of each party to confirm that no one in is experiencing the following: 

  • Cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and fever or chills & whether the individual is currently under isolation or quarantine orders. 
Table Service

We will only be offering table service at this time – sorry, we can’t have you at the bar 🙁. Upon arrival, you will be seated by a team member and will be greeted shortly after by your Server for assistance throughout the duration of your stay. Guests are not allowed to leave their assigned table unless it is to access the restrooms. Only seated guests can receive service as eating and drinking in any areas outside of one’s assigned table is strictly prohibited. All tabs must be paid by credit card, we are not accepting cash payments at this time. 


We will be partnering with our friends at  Downtown Taco Company to provide food options in the Beer Garden and Public HouseFood is optional but menus will be provided at the beginning of your stay for your convenienceAll orders will be placed through your server, to be closed out via credit card as we are currently not accepting cash payment. 

Keep Your Distance

We have implemented social distancing measures throughout our entire operations and have prepared social distancing markers for your reference. We ask that you maintain a distance of at least 6ft around all parts of the Beer Garden, Public House, and between guests outside of your party. Tables are set at 8ft distance, guests are not permitted to modify any seating arrangement as it would go against Public Health compliance.   


Dogs are allowed but must remain on a leash and be with their owners the entire time.  



Read through our comprehensive safety measures >>