We are always making efforts to be a more sustainable brewery. Here are some of the ways:


We use every drop of water – twice.

Since water is at the center of what we do, we make sure our brewing processes are as efficient as possible to keep our use of this precious resource down. After boiling each batch of beer, we cool it down using a heat exchange to bring it to a safe temperature for yeast to be pitched and begin fermentation. The cold water used for this heat exchange takes on the heat of the wort, and then gets used as hot water for our next batch. This saves us both water and natural gas, as the heat of one beer is used to begin another.


We also use a low phosphate acid cleaner to minimize stress on the city’s wastewater treatment facilities, and we recycle our caustic cleaner to reduce chemical usage while keeping a high degree of sanitation. And we’re currently exploring building a CO2 recapture system, which will eliminate up to 88% of our carbon dioxide output.

One craft’s trash is another craft’s treasure

The main waste product in brewing is spent grain – the fibrous leftovers after steeping the malt and stripping it of all of its sugars. We can’t do much with this stuff, but there are others that love it. Farm animals are great at digesting fiber, so the majority of this is donated to a local farmer we’ve worked with for over 6 years who uses it to supplement the feed of his cows, chickens, and pigs. Some of it is turned into compost for our rooftop garden, and will eventually become the hops that we use for our annual Rooftop Pale Ale. And the Dirty Dog Squad takes a portion and bakes them into treats that our brewery dogs love.


A tree grows in downtown


We’ve converted half our parking lot into an outdoor beer garden, and as part of that we’ve added grass, native plants, and 5 beautiful shade trees to what was once just concrete. Of course, there’s also our secret rooftop garden, which grows hops, passionfruit, dragonfruit, pineapples, strawberries, and more. We even partnered with the Natural History Museum in 2016 to take samples from the flying fauna found up there, because our unique space – plus the presence of parasite-killing hops – created a haven for pollinators in DTLA. They even discovered a rare ladybug STD when they were up there!


Reduce, relax, rejoice

Sustainability goes beyond our brewhouse though – at the Public House, we’ve switched from paper towels to hand dryers in the bathrooms, and we’ve reduced our usage single-use plastic – plus drinking a beer doesn’t require a straw! We also encourage our employees to use public transportation by offering heavily subsidized Metro passes as part of our benefits package.


It’s more fun with a partner

And our partners are just as dedicated to sustainability as we are. Since 2017, we’ve donated nearly $15,000 to the Surfrider Foundation, which is dedicated to keeping Los Angeles’ watershed clear and strong for the next generation. To learn more about how you can help them – and maybe even clean up a beach or two – click here.