3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Angel City Brewery & Public House

Luminaries and debate teams (dressed in futuristic outfits) gather once a month in a microbrewery to debate topics which will shape our future. This is Burning Man meets the Yale Political Union meets Futurama.

The free public events will be a witty take off on the original debate clubs from Oxford and Yale University complete with chalices, debate parties and “resolutions”.  A speaker will be in charge of presenting the initial arguments, and a comedian will be responsible for presenting the opposing argument. When no more questions or speeches from the audience remain, a verbal vote is taken.

The Ye Olde Futurist Union will show people how to engage in friendly debate, inspire people to research new tech paradigm shifts every month, and also help people to understand multiple views of the world. Streamed in 360 and framed content for those outside of LA who can’t attend, we hope to bring these conversations beyond our futurist debate club.