7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Angel City Brewery & Public House

Weeeeeeee’re Back!!!
After a short hiatus, WRITE CLUB LA has triumphantly returned to the land of Los Angeles spoken word and in a brand new venue to boot! 2nd Mondays live again!
Angel City Brewery and WCLA have teamed up for a new chapter in the new year for some old school Literary Bloodsport.
With an all star cast of combatants to kick things off, there is no looking back!
We fancy ourselves a people of vision and, with a little bit of hindsight, we are now definitely looking towards a clearer tomorrow, yesterday.
Come raise a glass and join us as we celebrate and reignite the fire under our assessments, and give DTLA a taste of what it’s really been missing! See ya there!

Our Combatants:
Rachel Kann vs. Erika Green

Naomi Grossman vs. Wade Gasque

Jason Echols vs. Mike O’Connell

Show is always the 2nd Monday of the Month.
ANGEL CITY BREWERY in Downtown LA’s glorious
Arts District.
For more info on Angel City, Google that shiz!


Please allow time to park.

***Doors are now at 7:30, Show starts at 8PM
Show up, grab a drink, and take a look around this AMAZING one of a kind space.

ALL DOOR PROCEEDS now go to the winners’ Charities of Choice (This is BIG BIG BIG)
as they vie for the vaunted Loving Cup of Deathless Glory!

Hosted by the one & only Archduke of Awesome,
Justin Welborn

Write Club LA is produced by Justin Welborn,
Ruben Maldonado, Emilie Hall, Yelena Litvak, Jonathon Rios, & Lizzy Denny!
Audio, Video & Time Guru-Ru: Ruben Maldonado
Mistress of Books and Doors Producer: Yelena Litvak,
Associate Producer of Infinite Lovingness: Emilie Hall
Philosopher of the West (Producer): Jonathon Rios
Minister of Propaganda: Lizzy Denny
Nomes d’Esprit: Paula Killen, Jeffrey Dorchen

SPECIAL THANKS to our Amazing Audience!
Thanks for hanging with us through thick and thin.
We always appreciate you for packing the house, but we’d really appreciate you helping us kick off this new chapter of WCLA in our new venue. We wanna hug yo face!
Please keep coming back and bring all your FAMILY, FRIENDS and FRENEMIES. We want ’em all!
YOU keep the dream alive!

PWYC $10 -20 at the Door
(It ALL goes to Charity y’all, so give what ya can!)



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