7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Angel City Brewery & Public House

Boldly go where no trivia team has gone before! On February 24th, 2020 Trivia LA is taking over the Angel City Brewery beer hall with Star Trek Trivia Night!

In this game, we’ll be asking questions covering all eras of Star Trek, from the Original Series to the latest episode of Picard.

If you’re into Trek but hesitant to come out to this one because you’re mostly only into one series (or just the movies), don’t worry! It is a lot to cover, so there will definitely be at least a question or two on your favorite version of Star Trek!

Even more importantly, we’re also going to make sure that plenty of questions cover topics that appear across most or all iterations of the franchise (such as alien species, technology, ships, characters, and events that either appear or are referenced often across multiple shows and movies).

So put together your best away team and beam on up to Angel City on the 24th. The game starts right at 7:30pm (temporal anomalies notwithstanding), and space is limited, so arrive early!

One last note: we are asking for confirmations to help us predict turnout, but you may still attend without confirming first.

~ Trivia LA is always free to play! WE DO NOT TICKET EVENTS!
~ Team size limit – 8 (teams with more than 8 player may be allowed to play at the trivia host’s discretion, but may not be allowed to win prizes)
~ Prizes given to the top teams!
~ Bonus prizes (such as drink tickets) given if more than 20 teams attend!
~ Angel City Brewery is 21+