8:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Angel City Brewery & Public House

Off The Ropes! Comedy Show! Is -STAND COMEDY- meets -TEAM WORK- meets a -no holds barred, anything goes WRESTLING THEMED ENVIRONMENT- (Yes, the WWF/WCW kind). It is Team vs. Team for the Off The Ropes Championship belt!

3 comics vs. 3 comics will battle in 4-5 rounds. The 1st 4 rounds are 5 minutes per team and the last round is for 8m. Teammates are encouraged to tag in and tag out to maximize the funny in each round!

Round 1: “Out of Nowhere” – Comics improv off suggestions from the crowd.

Round 2: “From the TOP Rope” – Comics will be given a recent topical/current event/story prior to the show to think of ideas to joke about.

Round 3: ClothesLINEr – Comics line up and deliver there sweetest one liners/tweets

Round 4: Low Blow – Comics tell jokes on stereotypes

Round 5: “The Finishing Move” – Comics hit the crowd with one of their best bits.

The crowd laughter throughout decides the winner of each round. The team that has accumulates the most love after all the rounds will be given 5m each to perform a set after and will be crown that month’s champ!

Hosted by Trent Bruce & Chinedu Unaka
With Ring Announcer/Referee Charlie Lind
Live Wrestling Music by John Hayden, Samm Aurelio & Adam Wolin