6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Angel City Brewery & Public House

United World Wrestling’s men’s freestyle World Cup competition comes to Los Angeles June 11th and 12th. In conjunction with that momentous occasion, we present an exhibition of photography and paintings from the wrestling world, featuring The Fire Inside by Justin Hoch, Wrestling Never Sleeps by Jonny Ruggiano, and Contestation of Forms by THE PHANTOM STREET ARTIST.

Join us to explore and celebrate the great sport of wrestling.

This featured exhibition offers an intimate look into the largest personas in the world of Olympic wrestling as well as the youth working hard to change the trajectory of their lives. Among those featured in this collection are legends John Smith, Dan Gable, Jordan Burroughs, Adeline Gray, and Kendall Cross, among many more captured with bold chiaroscuro and blazing eyes. Through Justin Hoch’s lens, viewers are able to find the strength, virtue, humanity – and the Fire Inside.

Through photography, design, and abstract paintings, Wrestling Never Sleeps displays the fervent works of Jonny Ruggiano. Motivated by his passion for the sport of wrestling, Ruggiano provides a versatile exposition of behind the scenes imagery from the world wrestling championships, the creative development of the 2016 World Cup of Wrestling, as well as several of his abstract paintings.

THE PHANTOM STREET ARTIST casts and directs himself as both director and subject, creating a unique platform followed by language to critically speak to its time and its audience. THE STREET PHANTOM’S essence is to stage himself as the aesthete, not its aesthetic self, directing its own urban hermetic interpretation through its show titled, Contestation of Forms. “…Questioning our kulture in question…”