6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Angel City Brewery & Public House

Can citizen science make Los Angeles a better city? Make California a better state? Can it help us save the world? Join NHMLA this spring in Downtown L.A. for our new Citizen Science + Suds series, in partnership with Angel City Brewery! Each month you’ll learn about projects that rely on community involvement for success. Panelists will share stories, data, and the real-world impacts that happen when you harness the power of the people. Come ready for an interactive and lively conversation-after all, crowd participation is what citizen science is all about.

In the spirit of citizen science we’re creating L.A.’s first ever crowdsourced beer. Attend the events (or join on social media @NatureinLA) to cast your vote for ingredients (Feb 9), a name for the beer (Mar 9), and we’ll enjoy the fruits of OUR labor on April 13.

Program for March 9, 2017
Changing California One Citizen Science Project at a Time
Focusing on efforts that connect crowdsourced data to marine conservation and social/environmental justice across the state.

Marcus Benigno – American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California
Fraser Shilling – Road Ecology Center
Alison Young – California Academy of Sciences