7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Architecture and Design Museum

‘Celebrate’ is A+D Museum’s Annual Gala Fundraiser. This year’s Celebrate focuses on Play and establishes A+D as your home for creativity and fun. Play, as we see it, goes beyond recreation, it is a vital means of education and human connection-values the museum aims to champion. It is a state of mind that exists outside of the restrictions of our humdrum lives, giving us the freedom to connect with our pure imagination. On the night of ‘Celebrate: Play’ the A+D Museum will be transformed into a wide open, free-wielding space for exploration and vibrancy. A+D’s goal is to be the place – your place – that without apology nurtures individuality, discovery, and continuous questioning. With your support we are serendipitous combustion, taking LA to the front line of emerging themes, topics and engagement about Architecture and Design and its prominence in our everyday life. Each year Celebrate is a chance for the Museum to gather its diverse family in joyous unity. This year we magnify vibrancy and the diversity of thought and experience that guides our imaginations.

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