7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Angel City Brewery & Public House

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A five course beer tasting and menu pairing the flavors of both Massachusetts and our very own East Los Angeles.

MALA: Massachusetts/Los Angeles

This menu is dedicated to ALL the Genté who bring Sabor to all of Los Angeles.

This menu is also dedicated to the hard working people of Massachusetts; your HOSPITALITY and SEA FOOD gave me inspiration. ” – Chef Jonathan Pimental

1. Esquité:
Beautiful colored Mexican corn, roasted and then sautéed in onions, garlic, and brown butter.
Places in small bowl and covered with a torched Old Bay parmesan crust and topped off with a lime drizzle.

Paired with Citrus Wheat

2. Ahi Tuna Sope:
Thinly sliced sushi grade tuna, placed on top of a crunchy potato sope. The tuna sits on top of a garlic lima bean purée, then is covered in Himalayan Rock salt and torched.
Topped off with a mango serrano salsa.

Paired with Ventura Fresa

3. Shrimp Sope:
Large shrimp are smoked then grilled, and finished off in garlic butter. Placed on top of a bacon, lentil puree that rests on a fried yet creamy potato sope.
Topped off with a tomatillo chilé verdé and a jalapeño crema.

Paired with IPA

4. Lobster Sope:
Maine lobster that is smoked then grilled, sautéed in lemon garlic brown butter. Placed on top of a roasted bell pepper white bean purée, which sits on a herb crusted potato sope.
Served with a beer Chilé crema and an infused Creme Fraiche Butter.

Paired with LAger

5. Churro Flavored Funnel Cake:
(Served with Three Seasonal Citrus Creams)

Funnel Cake Batter is seasoned with: Cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, white sugar. Then fried in oil. Then covered in a brown sugar, cinnamon, cayenne, and powdered sugar.
Accompanied with three seasonal citrus creams and caramel shards.

Paired with Rye.9

*There are NO changes or substitutions
*All Sopes are made from potato
*There is gluten: white flour and wheat flour
*There will be various edible flours, herbs, and fruit segments used as garnish.
*Some dishes have dairy products
*There is spiciness to this menu
*Sea food/ Shell Fish
*Pork is used