ACB Artist Pop-Up: Ms. Yellow

Angel City Brewery & Public House
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Can art by Ms. Yellow

Ms. Yellow will be popping up at Angel City from 5-9pm on Sunday, September 3rd celebrating our new artist can for the Blue Corn Tejuino Gose.

Tejuino (Te-hwee-no) Gose (Goes-eh) is our mash-up of two fermented beverages that come from different parts of the world but seem to make perfect sense when combined. Gose is a historic sour beer style from Germany and Tejuino is a Mexican fermented maize drink with lime for tartness. Funny thing is that they both use light amounts of salt for flavor which makes them friendly for fermenting. The aroma is full of lime while its tart and citrusy in taste with a touch of salt, and the blue corn we used gives it a slight pink hue.

Where to find it