September Food Truck Schedule

Please note that the upcoming food truck schedule is subject to change. Call (213) 622-1261 x 207 for updated information.  

9.1 Surf Taco

9.2 Taquerio el Severo 

9.3 Midnight Mission Culinary Program

9.4 Kai Kai Dumplings 

9.5 DogTown Dogs

9.6 Postcards (12 pm) Steel City Sandwich (6pm)

9.7 Serendoggity

9.8 Build Your Own Burger Night featuring Market Burgers 

9.9 Taquerio el Severo 

9.10 Azteca Truck 

9.11 Kai Kai Dumplings 

9.12 DogTown Dogs

9.13 Carb & Nation (12 pm) Steel City Sandwich (6pm)

9.14 Southern Fried Vegan 

9.15 DogTown Dogs

9.16 Taquerio el Severo 

9.17 Flatiron Truck 

9.18  Kai Kai Dumplings 

9.19 DogTown Dogs

9.20 Peaches Truck (12 pm) Steel City Sandwich (6pm)

9.21 Oktoberfest  

9.22 DogTown Dogs

9.23 Taquerio el Severo

9.24 Steamed Bun Munchies

9.25 Kai Kai Dumplings 

9.26 DogTown Dogs 

9.27 Food Cluster Truck featuring Oktoberfest 

9.28 Hurricane Kitchen  

9.29 DogTown Dogs

9.30 Taquerio el Severo

There are many other local eateries to order take out or delivery to the brewery! Here are some of our favorites:

LA Pie HoleXlixe, Novel Cafe, Sandwich Smith, Urth CaffeEat. Drink. AmericanoUrban Radish, NOLA’s