This is Kind of a Big Dill

We’ve dabbled with California avocados, tried our hand at brewing the perfect pairing to the beloved french dip, but this may be our most unique beer to date. We’re excited to introduce our new Pickle Weisse! IMG_1896

The idea for the Pickle Weisse came from our brewer Joe, who is character in his own right. On top of being an excellent brewer, he’s a fantastic chef, skilled Mr. Fix-it, coral farmer, ukulele enthusiast, kimchee producer, and pickle maker. Joe’s passion for pickles is where we drew our inspiration for the Pickle Weisse.

For the Pickle Weisse, we started with our basic Berliner Weisse recipe. We then added Joe’s very own secret special pickle recipe to the mix. Bada-boom, bada bing Pickle Weisse was born.

This unique beer comes in at 3.3% ABV and 10 IBUs. The Pickle Weisse will be available in limited supply at the Public House beginning June 3rd. Stop by and give it a try!