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The Story of IPA

Even before our brewery in the Arts District officially opened its doors, we worked tirelessly, testing out different recipes and styles, looking  for the perfect beer to give to the people of Los Angeles. It needed to be approachable, well-rounded and bold, something that would best describe the city we called home. We saw Bloomfest – an annual Arts District celebration, honoring Joel Bloom, the unofficial mayor of the Arts District – as the perfect opportunity to sample the beers we had been testing out in our tanks within our community.

We brought five different beers to the event: “Test B” wit beer, “Test C” alt beer, “Test E” East Coast IPA, “Test F”  West Coast IPA and a White IPA. We let the people vote, and at the end of the event we had a clear winner: Test F, the West Coast IPA. We refined our recipe and perfected the style  to give our new flagship beer the spotlight it deserved. And just like that, Angeleno IPA was born. Over the years, the name has shifted, now known solely as Angel City IPA, an IPA made for the people of Los Angeles.

What’s Up With the Eyes?

They’re a part of infamous street artist, JR’s The Wrinkles of The City project and were brought to life in 2011. Of the six cities currently featuring this project, LA was the third and we’re proud to have this iconic work on our building and beer!